The IDAP project token, previously known as "IDAP" has been rebranded to "BFX". Check new smart contract here.

About BFX - IDAP's Utility Token

BFX is an ERC20 based Utility Token which fuels both IDAP and Bitfex ecosystems. The tokenomics of BFX have been designed to transfer maximum value from the business to the token holders.

Zero Trading Fee

Free trading for token sale participants buying and holding a minimum threshold of BFX

Discount in Trading Fee

50% discount on trading fee if paid in BFX

Management & Listing Fee

Applicable Management & listing fee will be charged in native token

Burning of BFX

BFX equivalent to 20% of revenue generated will be burnt till total supply reaches 500 mn


Project NameIDAP
Token TickerBFX
Token TypeERC20
Token CategoryUtility
Token Price$0.03
Total Supply (fixed)1,000,000,000

Token Distribution

Token Distribution

Funds Usage

Funds Usage

Vesting Period: Tokens alloted to team will be vested for 4 years.


The original documents have been published in English. Documents in other languages have been translated by our supporters from crypto community around the globe. In case of conflict between a translated and the English version, the English version should be your reference to validate the facts and figures.


Top 10 contributors

Rank Email Address BFX tokens purchased
1 h***.** 1896977
2 a****** 1145655
3 b****_*** 1050000
4 a*****.** 854500
5 m*****h**** 703208
6 d***b**** 580241
7 a******.0* 565400
8 w******h******c*** 505166
9 s****s*****h** 410,500
10 r*******b******** 404541

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